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Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Jorge Gonzalez

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Jorge is a Senior Software Developer with more than 20 years of experience building and designing large and complex distributed systems using Java and Scala. What is the biggest misconception of a reactive architecture system? That just using a reactive programming framework will provide a reactive architecture, communicating all microservices in a coupled synchronous architecture,…

Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Marouane Amghar

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Marouane is a backend developer who coded mainly with Scala and Java. After working as a civil engineer for more than a year, he moved into CS and hasn’t stopped programming since. He worked on monolithic and reactive applications, OOP and FP designs. What is the biggest misconception of a reactive architecture system? For me,…

Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Alex Weinstein

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Alex started out on the YoppWorks team right from Carleton University, in January 2020. He’s extremely eager to learn and spent a couple of months taking Lightbend courses and Martin Odersky’s Coursera course. He quickly joined in on a project and now six months in, he’s already on his third

Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Mariano Diaz

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Mariano is a Software Engineer with over ten years of experience developing and designing applications for a variety of industries. From monolith to microservices, he enjoys working in different languages such as Java, Kotlin, ReactJS, or Angular, and likes being involved in the full cycle of developing applications. Fascinated by software architecture, he could spend…

Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Tudor Lapuste

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Tudor is a full-stack developer that relishes in taking a craftsman approach to the art of software design. Having more than 6 years of experience in various domains ranging from IoT to finance, he is skilled in solving problems by dissecting them into their constituent parts for analysis. Tudor enjoys skiing and discussions on NASA’s…

Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Mohammad Hosnidokht

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Mohammad is a software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in different industries such as music, insurance and finance. He specializes in backend technologies with a full stack knowledge and a solid background in object-oriented and reactive programming. Mohammad is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workspace. He…