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YoppWorks Announces Platinum Sponsorship | Scala Days 2018

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It was announced today that YoppWorks is officially going to be a platinum sponsor at Scala Days 2018! This conference will be held in Berlin on May 14th-17th and in the heart of New York city on June 19th – 21st 2018. 

Scala Days is a global conference held by our partners at Lightbend. This year, attendees are excited to hear that Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala will open Scala Bays Berlin with a keynote on May 15th and a keynote on June 19th. To the delight of many attendees, Odersky will also be collaborating with conference guests and sitting in on some technical talks.

At both Scala Days events, beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions will be held to suit all levels of expertise. This means that if you’re just new to Scala or live, breathe and yodel in this language, you’ll find something to enjoy! Scala days is nothing short of a collaborative and exciting event sparking discussion from open source enthusiasts and experts around the globe. In addition to the keynote sessions being held throughout, industry speakers from enterprises like Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Tesla and Netflix will be discussing their developments using Scala. 

Discover the full Scala Days New York and Scala Days Berlin agendas, and remember to take advantage of the additional learning opportunities available through their pre-event hands-on workshops, including:

  • “Understanding Akka Cluster Through Raspberry-Pi Cluster Visualization,” by Brian Benz, Microsoft and Eric Loots, Kikia Carter, Lightbend
  • “Writing Programs that Write Tests,” by Noel Welsh and Adam Rosien, Underscore
  • “Type-Driven Development,” by Marcus Henry, IntegriChain
  • “Type-Driven Development,” by Marcus Henry, IntegriChain
  • “Scala Bridge: Introducing Scala,” by Bridge Foundry and Lightbend
  • “Domain-Driven Design and Microservices,” by Lutz Huhnken
  • “Akka in Practice,” by Heiko Seeberger

Does this sound like the conference for you? Well, you’re in luck. 

As a Platinum sponsor, YoppWorks is offering a discount rate for Scala Days! To attend this conference with 20% off the ticket purchase price, simply use this discount code at checkout: 

20% Discount code: sp-yoppworks78r-20 


  • To purchase tickets for Scala Days visit: www.scaladays.org