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Whether you’re looking for new open source tools to help you solve a problem, or simply want to recapture the fun of programming, our YoppProfessors can help you reach your goals from anywhere in the world. From introductory Scala programming courses to Apache Spark training, we have the best training course to help you grow. 

Our passion for open-source development is something we can’t keep to ourselves. For that reason, we offer a variety of unique programming courses via Canada’s only Platinum Training Platform. The benefits of learning to use the Akka toolkit and Scala programming language are widely applicable to a variety of businesses and industries. Whatever kind of software you’re working on, the flexible Akka toolkit and Scala programming language can help you achieve reactive, scalable results.

Learn more about YoppWorks courses:

Scala Language: Professional

A Scala programming course aimed at the average business professional. A perfect choice for those who have existing knowledge of Ruby, Java, C#, or C++, but who have little experience with Scala.

Scala Language: Expert

A more advanced Scala training course geared toward those who are already well familiar with programming in Scala. This Scala course can teach developers to leverage advanced Scala features and polish their overall skills.

Akka for Scala: Professional

A Scala training course that teaches how to use the Akka toolkit to create scalable, reactive software applications. This course is best for those who already have a working knowledge of programming in Scala.

Apache Spark for Scala: Professional

An exploration of Apache Spark for applications using data analytics. This Spark Scala course is ideal for developers who are interested in data science and who have an existing understanding of programming in Scala. We also offer Apache Spark certification.

Akka for Java: Professional

A three-day training course aimed at teaching professionals who use Java to leverage the Akka toolkit for development. The curriculum of this course assumes that developers have a fair amount of experience and knowledge in Java programming. We also offer this training for Java online.

Akka for Java: Expert

The most advanced Akka course for Java professionals, aimed at those who want to learn to build large-scale programs using the Akka toolkit. This course assumes that developers already have expertise in Java, Scala, and Akka.


Akka is a unique, open-source toolkit used for developing software in the Scala programming language. This particular toolkit is especially beneficial for today’s high-performance networks, as it functions on the classical actor model of programming. The resulting software is highly reactive, easily scalable, and extremely flexible for a variety of industry applications.


To achieve maximum results when adopting the Reactive Projects, our “YopProfessors” are dedicated to delivering certified training classes to help empower developers on their open-source journey with Apache Spark, Scala, Akka and the Play Framework. Now, more than ever, the knowledge and skills of your staff have a direct impact on the success of your open-source projects and the bottom line of the business.

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