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Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Yoonsoon Jahng

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Yoonsoon is a Software Engineer with 14 years of industry experience and a master’s degree. He has extensive expertise in big data and telecom, and has been a big part of our team for over two years now.

1. What is the biggest misconception of a reactive architecture system?

Reactive service is not microservice and vice versa. Microservice architecture can be a reactive architecture system but that’s not always true.

2. What are the advantages of using OSS (open source software)?

R&D cost is significantly lower than using commercial software. No bander locked-in. 

3. What would you say is the number 1 business value gain from moving to a reactive architecture?

Customer satisfaction. Reactive system reduces downtime and provides a smoother experience when the system is under pressure. 

4. What would you say are your top 5 benefits of an agile environment?

Time to market. Adopting changes quickly.

5. What is one thing you are most excited about in the tech industry for the near future?

Serverless computing.

6. What do you like about working at YoppWorks?

Great place to learn the latest technologies. Great place to work with one of the best engineers in some domains.