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Jonny is a software architect, consultant and trainer with over two decades of diverse industry experience. He is an advocate for functional programming and reactive principles. Jonny has a commitment to learning new technologies, and a passion for teaching and empowering others. When he is not working or helping at the local animal shelter, he spends his time in and around the ocean near his home in the United States Virgin Islands.

  1. What is the biggest misconception of a reactive architecture system?

That they are too complicated. Software systems are complex, but don’t confuse familiarity with simplicity. Give the correct tools, reactive systems can be surprisingly easy to implement.

  1. What are the advantages of using OSS (open source software)?

Licensing and minimizing vendor lock-in usually gets most of the attention, but I like the sheer brain power behind OSS. Why not leverage the massive amounts of brains working together in the open source community to help you solve your problems?

  1. What would you say is the number 1 business value gain from moving to a reactive architecture?

Wow so many good answers to this. I personally like the organizational structure that evolves as a result of a reactive architecture. Autonomous, cross-disciplinary teams that are able to operate with high velocity are a huge benefit to the overall organization. A close second would be the better understanding of the business due to proper Domain Driven Design.

  1. What would you say are your top 5 benefits of an agile environment?
  • Continuous engagement from stakeholders of the finished product
  • Continuous feedback on functionality being delivered
  • A product that is always production ready
  • Team engagement and motivation
  • The ability to pivot as the business needs
  1. What is one thing you are most excited about in the tech industry for the near future?

I continue to be amazed by the emergence of technologies that allow us to create solutions that are more robust, scalable and functional than ever before. These systems can be created with a fraction of the resources and be hosted in the cloud. It really is an amazing time to be a developer.

  1. What do you like about working at YoppWorks?

YoppWorks enables its employees to be the best experts in the industry. The organization’s culture and commitment to the employees helps to foster experts that are motivated, committed to continuous learning and eager to share. It truly is the best group of people I have ever worked with.

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