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Scala: The Open Source Language You Need in 2018

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Scala made ripples in the programming industry the year it was launched back in 2001, forcing the market leader, Java, to work for its competitive edge. To this day, Scala continues to be a force to be reckoned with, used by experienced functional programmers to manage big data.   Scala’s popularity has been limited to the programming world. It is known for its steep learning curve, accompanied with a breadth of training materials.  But that’s not the case anymore –programmers are realizing how easy it is to learn, especially for those with experience using Java. Programmers are acknowledging how much better Scala is compared to any other open-source programming languages. Unsurprisingly, Scala is predicted to be one of most valuable programming languages in 2018. 

Scala – the bastion of power

One of the main reasons Scala has been gaining popularity is due to its powerful functional programming features which competitors lack. Scala is closely integrated with JVM and Java, making it extremely familiar for developers proficient in Java. But why switch to Scala when you have Java? In layman terms, if Java is the intermediate level of programming, Scala constitutes the expert level of functional programming. So, if you wish to take your programming skills up a notch and increase your competitive edge, Scala is the language for you.

What makes it so unique?

Scala was founded on the idea that in order to build a truly practical language, they had to bring together object-oriented models with functional programming concepts. As Martin Odersky puts it, “Objects and functions play extremely well together; they enable new, expressive programming styles which lend themselves to high-level domain modeling and embedded domain-specific languages.” Even further, we believe Scala is the most suitable open-source programming language for Big Data manipulation. Using Scala in big data programming models reduces the size of the program while making the entire process more precise and efficient. Due to Scala’s unique and dynamic structure, large companies such as Twitter, Starbucks, and Foursquare have ported a vast segment of their code base to Scala. With Big Data taking the business world by storm, it is predicted that Scala will grow exponentially. As demand for big data solutions grows exponentially, developers are making the move to Scala, and are reaping the benefits of participating in one of the highest paid programming occupations in technology. Because let’s face it, specialty skills net big paychecks.

How do you get started?

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