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Scala Language – Professional 

YoppWorks Training CourseScala (Lightbend) is a programming language that can be best described as “object-oriented programming meets functional programming.” The language features elegant class hierarchies, seamless Java interoperability, maximum code reuse and extensibility, and an ability to solve difficult concurrency challenges.

The benefits of learning Scala in a professional capacity are many, allowing you to create powerful software applications for use in any line of work. Plus, the language is compatible with a variety of other software tools, including Akka, Apache Spark Hadoop, Java, and more. Whatever you and your company need to accomplish, you’ll be able to leverage the information gained from our professional-level Scala course to create reliable, efficient solutions.

Take the step toward a professional understanding of Scala with the help of the best trainers at YoppWorks. Our knowledgeable trainers are not only experts in their field, but also friendly and approachable teachers who can present information and answer questions in a way you can easily understand.


$1200.00 USD

When you learn new programming skills from our Scala online course, you make an investment in yourself as a professional, raising your skill level and giving you an edge over the competition (which can be especially valuable if you work as a consultant). We strive to offer all of our programming courses at a fee that you can afford.


Our Scala Language – Professional course can be beneficial to a wide variety of programming professionals working across various industries. The course can also be accessed online from any location across the globe, opening the training to participants from any country in the world, so long as they have internet access.

The following are examples of individuals who may want to take our professional Scala courses:

  • Developers who have experience and proficiency in Java, C++, C# or Ruby.
  • Scala programmers with minimal experience looking for a refresher.
  • Managers who want to gain an understanding of functional programming Benefit Developers gain knowledge and skills to confidently program in Scala Certified Lightbend Trainers share coding insights that lead to high-quality code Re-discover a passion for software – Scala is fun!


Professionals who take this Scala language course can expect to expand on their existing Scala programming skills and take advantage of a number of benefits. From improved confidence to a renewed love of programming, participants are sure to come away from this course with something exciting and valuable.

The following are just a few examples of possible benefits for different types of students:

  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to confidently program in Scala.
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share coding insights that lead to high-quality code.
  • Anyone can re-discover a passion for software—Scala is fun!


The Scala professional course covers six major areas of knowledge:

  1. Language fundamentals
  2. Tools for Scala Development
  3. Collections & Functional Programming
  4. For-Expressions & Loops
  5. Inheritance & Traits
  6. Pattern Matching & Optional Values


Before you register for any YoppWorks course, it’s important to make sure it’s right for you and that you meet all necessary prerequisites and requirements. This particular selection from our Scala online courses is an entry-level class for professionals that takes only two days to complete.

Take a look at the following logistical details before you enroll:

  • Level: Introductory—no previous knowledge of Scala is assumed.
  • Length: It runs for two days—14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks.
  • Approach: Beyond education—students code through a training case study and discover how to effectively apply Scala in their work environment.
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 6 or higher installed.

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Even if you have no previous experience programming in Scala, our 14-hour, two-day professional course can help you gain a working knowledge of the language that you can use to take your software applications to another level. To learn more about scala programming courses or enroll in one of our online scala training course, call us at (888) 322-6002 or book your class online.

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