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Scala Language – Expert 

scala training course at YoppWorksYoppWorks’ expert-level Scala online course reveals the power of Scala’s type system, unleashed. This advanced Scala programming course covers advanced object-functional programming, implicits, and more. Leverage rich language features to create well-designed libraries or DSLs, utilizing proven best practices.

As a programming language, Scala is a combination of both object-oriented programming and functional programming. As a result, this particular programming language is especially flexible. Scala features easy interoperability with Java, maximum code reuse, and elegant class hierarchies, and it allows programmers to easily solve frustrating concurrency issues.

Whatever kinds of applications you plan to build, our expert-level Scala programming course can help you gain a deeper understanding of this unique language and teach you new ways to overcome a variety of software challenges.


$1200.00 USD

When you enroll in one of our developer Scala courses online, you make an investment in your career as well as the future of your company. For consultants, adding to your programming knowledge with an advanced understanding of the Scala language can give you the edge over your competitors, potentially making you a leading choice for clients in your field.


While a basic working knowledge is required for our expert level Scala courses, there is still a variety of types of individuals who can benefit from our advanced Scala programmer training.

The following are just a few examples of the types of professionals who might be interested in mastering Scala:

  • Developers who have experience and proficiency in Scala
  • Developers who want to understand advanced features in Scala
  • Managers who want to gain an understanding of functional programming


There are numerous exciting benefits of taking your Scala knowledge to an expert level. Whether you need to advance your knowledge to solve a particular programming problem or simply meet a personal professional development goal, our experienced trainers can help you make it happen.

The following are examples of potential benefits of our expert-level Scala online courses:

  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to confidently program in Scala at a high level.
  • Programmers get deep insights from certified Scala Lightbend Trainers that can help to drive business results.
  • Professionals can truly advance to the limits of Scala capability!


The Scala Language – Expert course covers six major areas of knowledge:

  1. Recap of important basics
  2. Object-Functional Programming in Depth
  3. Mastering the Type System
  4. Explicitly Implicit
  5. Internal DSLs
  6. Custom Scala Collections


Before you enroll in any of our online courses, you’ll want to make sure that the level of the class is appropriate and that you meet any necessary course requirements. Before you sign up for this expert Scala programmer course, take a look at the following logistical details:

  • Level: Advanced—knowledge of and practical experience with Akka are assumed.
  • Length: This lasts two days—14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks.
  • Approach: Hands-on mastery—students code through workshop case study and explore how to solve the toughest Scala challenges in their own work.
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 6 or higher installed.

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At YoppWorks, we offer convenient online training to programmers from all over the world. No matter from where you sign in, we’ll make sure you have access to the course materials and live instructor feedback you need to do your best learning. To find out more about our selection of developer courses online, take a look at our course catalog online or call us at (888) 322-6002. When you’re ready to enroll in our scala training course, you can easily book a class right from our website.

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