YoppWorks incubates innovative technology

YoppWorks product business unit incubates new technology companies in partnership with global market leaders. The model for providing our product companies with a competitive advantage goes beyond the initial investment; leveraging the same open source technology expertise we develop with our services business unit, access to pre-qualified prospect customers, enrolment of a large network of partners and global channels.

Below is the list of current product companies in our portfolio.


GoSpaces is an enterprise platform that helps customers manage their corporate real estate portfolios. GoSpaces provides visibility into space, service, and contributions data sourced from users, third-party systems, and sensors. It provides a series of valuable reports and analytics customers can use to proactively manage their real estate portfolio to maximize their investments.

GoSpaces - YoppWorks Open source Solutions


RobotHive is a fleet management platform that provides features and functionality for unmanned vehicle management, maintenance, and operational excellence. RobotHive will improve a company’s operational process and business performance through reduced cost including increased performance, better asset management, enhanced communication and more informed business decisions.

RobotHive - YoppWorks
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