Kafka to the Maxka Performance Tuning

Jun 19, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Speaker: Matt Andruff, YoppWorks Inc.

Kafka is becoming an ever more popular choice for users to help enable fast data and Streaming. It provides a wide landscape of configuration to allow you to tweak its performance profile. Understanding the internals of Kafka is critical for picking your ideal configuration. Depending on your use case and data needs, different settings will perform very differently. Let’s walk through performance essentials of Kafka. Let’s talk about how your Consumer configuration, can speed up or slow down the flow of messages to Brokers. Let’s talk about message keys, their implications and their impact on partition performance. Let’s talk about how to figure out how many partitions and how many Brokers you should have. Let’s discuss consumers and what affects their performance. How do you combine all of these choices and develop the best strategy moving forward? How do you test performance? Let’s explore

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