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Leading logistics organization turns to YoppWorks to modernize its Next Generation Parcel Track and Trace System

As backend IT systems struggle to cope with increase and surges in demand, the risk of a degraded customer experience is growing. Added to this, the rapid rise in parcel delivery due to increased on-line ordering and, most recently, the pandemic is delivering its own headaches to the logistics industry.


This was the problem facing a major logistics company, who sought the expertise of YoppWorks. Working closely with the client, we are planning and building a Next Generation Track and Trace system from the ground up, based on industry-leading expertise in Reactive Systems Architecture. This will help the client to remain a leader in the logistics market.

The Challenge

An aging Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Event Management System with a very limited message throughput, event processing straining under the weight of additional features, and parcel volume increase – these and other factors produced the perfect storm.

The Solution

The YoppWorks team addressed the areas of: De-risking system outages in peak periods; scaling with business demand; and equipping the system enable strategic business. A new system is being developed using YoppWorks Reactive Horizons – our proven methodology to Plan, Build and optionally Run next-generation systems based on Reactive Architecture and cloud native microservices.

The Results

With the new system expected to scale to around 10000 events per second, and our in-depth client engagement yielding rapid demonstration of value, our client is already seeing clear business benefits on the horizon.

New areas crucial to modern logistics including: Analytics-as-a-Service, Logistics Control Towers, Less-Than-Load (LTL), shared transport and future delivery methods, as well as Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Networks (MESCBN) for end-to-end, upstream and downstream information sharing will all benefit from this new Reactive Systems Architecture.