Investing in Open Source: YoppWorks Announces Partnership with IBM to expand capabilities in Predictive and Cognitive Analytics

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YoppWorks announced today a partnership with IBM to expand its Open Source solution offerings to include IBM Application Platform and Hybrid Data Management. IBM has demonstrated their commitment to continue investing in open source technologies with their recent partnership announcements with Lightbend and Hortonworks which positions YoppWorks as an ideal systems integration partner.

YoppWorks is a recognized Canadian leader in the open source community, dedicated to open source technologies from inception. YoppWorks is passionate about delivering responsive, resilient and message driven applications using the Lightbend Reactive Platform and Hortonworks DataFlow and Data Platform technologies.

The partnership with IBM will allow YoppWorks to create repeatable solutions involving IBM Products and YoppWorks services including implementation, training, and support.

Large enterprises and start ups are quickly adopting open source technologies as the platform to create more resilient systems and to deliver more value to their customers. Having IBM, the proven solution provider for all mission critical systems, adopt Open Source validates the importance and benefits of these technologies for their customers. YoppWorks is well positioned to help IBM transform their customers from legacy to new reactive and fast data driven architectures.

The core core values of Open Source are integral to the YoppWorks culture where every voice counts and now with IBM we can share the benefits with many more customers.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with IBM. Attending the Think conference this week in Las Vegas has provided us with a good understanding of the tremendous technology expertise and sales and marketing capabilities of IBM. There is a reason they are the largest IT company in the World and working with them to expand the adoption of Open Source technologies with Lightbend and Hortonworks will create a groundswell in the industry.”  – Jack Gulas, YoppWorks CEO

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