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Major on-line streaming provider sees rapid digital growth by launching an online streaming platform using Reactive Architecture

The Challenge

This major video content provider set a business goal to enter the on-line content streaming market to capitalize on the vast revenue potential. Their objective was to become a major player in the first year – streaming not just their own video programming but also that of other content providers.

The Solution

In this highly competitive consumer market, any solution needs to offer an extremely positive customer experience. It also required an approach that allowed for rapid design and delivery of a branded online streaming service. This meant high availability and delivery minimal buffering. They sought out YoppWorks for our extensive experience in this area.

The Results

Leveraging Reactive systems, the client was able to build a real time multi-tenant online streaming platform that delivers not only their content but also that of organizations such as ESPN, WWE, NHL, HBOgo, and PlayStation.   

The service went live and grew at the rapid rate of 0 – 24 millions subscribers within just a few weeks of launch, growing to 50 million in six months. This was done without delay, failures, buffering or any other end user frustrations that can arise from this type of growth.