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Major retailer of wellness products sees healthy results from new IT system

The Challenge

This major retailer’s e-commerce environment was built using a traditional architecture, was heavily customized, and used monolithic Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems. Despite lengthy and expensive system implementation, customization and tuning effort, the environment failed repeatedly under load in a variety of fashions, leading of course, to a degraded customer experience and sales impact.

The senior management team defined three key objectives:

  • Improve customer experience on the eCommerce platform.
  • Enable true elasticity of the environment to scale from idle to Black Friday sales volume.
  • Implement new features more rapidly.

They engaged YoppWorks to explore these objectives by:

  • Understanding Reactive Architecture.
  • Reactive System Proof of Concept within their domain.
  • Achieving elastic scale and higher feature delivery velocity.
  • Knowing where to start!

The Solution

Our Reactive Horizons process brings together best-of-breed technology and industry-leading techniques. We Plan, Build and can even Run our clients’ new systems. Working closely with the client, at every stage, we set the following goals:

Build Domain Driven Design for Commerce Systems

Implement Reactive Microservices for Bounded Context

Utilize Best of Breed Tools & Code Libraries

Mentor Client on Reactive Systems

Mentor client on Reactive Operations, K8s and Monitoring

Perform POC & POV Investigations

Enable Client to Roll on Their Own


  • Assess Technical Landscape

  • Deliver Reactive Architecture Course
    (technical leads and 40+ staff)

  • Evaluate Reactive Maturity

  • Recommend Next Steps

  • Analyze Business With DDD

  • Define Architectural Roadmap

  • Form Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Automate Software Delivery Pipelines


  • Mentor Modern Development Process
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Develop Microservices Using DDD

  • Prepare DevOps For Production

  • Define & Instrument Business Metrics

  • Implement K8s Infrastructure

  • Secure & Harden Operations Environment

  • Management & Monitoring Procedures

  • Plan & Develop Readiness Responses

The Results

YoppWorks enabled this major eCommerce Company on a modern Reactive Architecture across the following areas:

  1. Mentorship & Enablement on a wide variety of technical topics and processes: Programming technologies, middleware technologies, data, continuous delivery, dev operations, and production operations.
  2. Successful Demonstration of Reactive Architecture & Systems Proof of Concept to stakeholders.
  3. Business Analysis & Implementation, including:
    • 30 Bounded Context Definitions, High-level Architecture & Roadmap;
    • Services developed including Notification, Account, and Commerce Gateway.
This project was an example of how YoppWorks can enable a major organization to modernize their IT systems, without reliance on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment and all the modern business hindrances that come with such an out-dated approach.