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Major retailer of wellness products sees healthy reults from new IT system

The Challenge

This major retailer’s e-commerce environment was built using a traditional architecture, was heavily customized, and used monolithic Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems. Despite lengthy and expensive system implementation, customization and tuning effort, the environment failed repeatedly under load in a variety of fashions, leading of course, to a degraded customer experience and sales impact. The senior management team defined three key objectives for exploration:

  • Improve customer experience on the eCommerce platform.
  • Enable true elasticity of the environment to scale from idle to Black Friday sales volume.
  • Implement new features more rapidly.

They engaged YoppWorks to explore these objectives by:

  • Understanding Reactive Architecture
  • Reactive System Proof of Concept within their domain
  • Achieving elastic scale and higher feature delivery velocity
  • Knowing where to start!

The Solution
Our Reactive Horizons process brings together best-of-breed technology and industry-leading techniques. We Plan, Build and can even Run our clients’ new systems. Working closely with the client, at every stage, we set the following goals:

Build Domain Driven Design for Commerce Systems

Implement Reactive Microservices for Bound Context

Utilize Best of Breed Tools & Code Libraries

Mentor Client on Reactive Systems

Build Domain Driven Design for Commerce Systems

Perform POC & POV Investigations

Enable Client to Roll on Their Own


  • Assess Technical Landscape

  • Deliver Reactive Architecture Course
    (technical leads and 40+ staff)

  • Evaluate Reactive Maturity

  • Recommend Next Steps

  • Analyze Business With DDD

  • Define Architectural Roadmap

  • Form Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Automate Software Delivery Pipelines


  • Mentor Modern Development Process
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Develop Microservices Using DDD

  • Prepare DevOps For Production

  • Define & Instrument Business Metrics

  • Implement K8s Infrastructure

  • Secure & Harden Operations Environment

  • Management & Monitoring Procedures

  • Plan & Develop Readiness Responses

The Results

YoppWorks enabled this major eCommerce Company on a modern Reactive Architecture across the following areas.

  • Mentorship & Enablement on a wide variety of technical topics and processes: Programming technologies, middleware technologies, data, continuous delivery, dev operations, and production operations.

  • Successful Demonstration of Reactive Architecture & Systems Proof of Concept to stakeholders.

  • Business Analysis & Implementation, including:

    • 30 Bounded Context Definitions, High-level Architecture & Roadmap.

    • Services were developed including Notification, Account, and Commerce Gateway.

This project was an example of how YoppWorks can enable an major organisation to modernize their IT systems, without reliance on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment and all the modern business hinderances that come with that out-dated approach.