YoppWorks consulting offers a wide range of software development services built to meet your needs including:


  •  Mentorship
  •  Consultancy
  •  Project Delivery
  •  Staff Augmentation engagements


Our team is dedicated to providing the most efficient consulting services possible for our customers!

YoppWorks Partnerships 

YoppWorks is a team of passionate and elite evangelists who thrive in everything open source. As a strategic partner of Hortonworks, Lightbend and IBM, YoppWorks is passionate about helping our clients achieve success delivering their Big Data Projects.


Our Technologies:

YoppWorks uses the Hortonworks Data Platform and Data Flow Technologies (that specialize in Apache Hadoop, Spark, NiFi, Kafka and Storm) and also builds Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven applications on the Lightbend Reactive Platform; Spark, Scala, Akka and Play Framework.

As a result of being global leaders in this market, YoppWorks exclusively offers consulting services to help guide your enterprise to success. With solutions like Reactive ATI, we’ve designed a concise and repeatable methodology that provides very specific deliverables to our customers. Reactive ATI provides guidance and the type of information needed to further important decisions in reactive architecture practices.

No matter the scale of your company, when approaching reactive solutions, it’s essential for contributors to see and understand how they would design and build something that has a clear return on investment. Let YoppWorks get you there.

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“Our team is a committed group of software developers with a mandate of solving problems with innovative, rapid solutions. YoppWorks believes that every great project starts with an open source technology, backed by a leading edge open source community.”


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