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Disambiguating “Reactive”

In the last several years, the term Reactive has received much buzz in IT circles but has also become ambiguous to the point that I feel some clarification is needed. Do you know what someone means when using the term “reactive” beyond general software design goodness?
Time to remove the ambiguity…

8 Ways to Improve Your Retrospective Meetings

The Scrum management framework is well understood in the software development industry these days and this article focuses on one kind of meeting in that framework: Retrospective Meetings. In my 20 years of running and participating in Scrum retrospectives, I’ve seen it done excellently, as well as where it went awry…

What is Functional Programming?

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If you’ve ever sat down and attempted to learn computer programming on your own, then you’re aware of the sheer amount of information available online. It can be a little overwhelming to sift through the many tutorials, opinion pieces, and online programming courses available today. Time for a primer …

Pokemon Go with Akka HTTP!

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Akka HTTP uses akka reactive streams for stream processing. So in a reactive system, we have to specify the flow materializer that handles how the requests and response flow get processed.

YoppWorks Announces Platinum Sponsorship | Scala Days 2018

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It was announced today that YoppWorks is officially going to be a platinum sponsor at Scala Days 2018! This conference will be held in Berlin on May 14th-17th and in the heart of New York city on June 19th – 21st 2018. Scala Days is a global conference held by our partners at Lightbend. This…

Scala: The Open Source Language You Need in 2018

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Scala made ripples in the programming industry the year it was launched back in 2001, forcing the market leader, Java, to work for its competitive edge. To this day, Scala continues to be a force to be reckoned with, used by experienced functional programmers to manage big data. Scala’s popularity has been limited to the…

Why Functional Programming Is Important

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Functional programming is an important programming language in today’s evolving technological app development landscape. It is different from imperative and object-based programming methods. However, functional programming can be a better solution for solving different problems when new apps and codes need to be created. If you are just starting to learn to program, it can be…