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Akka for Scala – Professional

Looking to build reactive, highly concurrent software applications with maximum performance and strong, resilient design? The Akka toolkit, when combined with the flexibility of the Scala programming language, can help you do just that.

coding-scalaDescribed by creator Lightbend Inc. as “the implementation of the Actor Model on the JVM,” Akka is praised for its usefulness with regard to today’s ubiquitous distributed systems. Plus, because Akka is an open-source toolkit available to anyone with internet access, it encourages professional and hobbyist developers alike to innovate and meet technological challenges in creative new ways.

With our unique Akka for Scala online course, experienced application developers can learn the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime, along with methodologies to create real-world, actor-based systems in Scala on a single JVM.


$1200.00 USD

Whether you plan to use your professional knowledge of Akka to create specific software solutions for your company/clients or just want to learn how to create message-driven applications in a more general way using an open-source toolkit, our professional-level Akka training course is a strong investment into your professional skill set, as well as the future of your career as a developer. YoppWorks strives to offer affordably priced Scala learning courses for professionals from all walks of life.


Learning to use the Akka toolkit with Scala can be a great asset for developers working in a wide variety of industries and settings. So long as you have reliable access the internet, you will be able to learn Scala online from anywhere in the world.

The following are just a couple of examples of individuals who can benefit from our professional Akka for Scala training course:

  • Developers with basic knowledge of Scala, as covered in “Fast Track to Scala”
  • Developers who want to develop resilient, event-driven, scalable applications
  • Managers who want to learn how reactive applications drive business value


From learning to build software applications that improve business efficiency to gaining a better understanding of how to test and improve finished applications, there are numerous benefits associated with learning to use Akka and Scala together. The following are some examples of potential benefits developers can gain from this course:

  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to design fault-tolerant apps using Akka
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share how to configure, test, and tune Akka apps
  • Production readiness—create asynchronous, event-driven systems


Our Akka for Scala course will explore six major topics:

  1. Introduction to Akka
  2. Actor Basics
  3. Testing Actors
  4. Actor Lifecycle
  5. Fault Tolerance
  6. Scaling Up with Routers


Before you enroll in this Akka online course, you’ll want to make sure your current knowledge of Scala and technological capabilities fit the class requirements. Please take a moment to peruse the logistical details below and double-check that you meet all the necessary requirements before you book your course online.

  • Level: Intermediate—knowledge of and practical experience with Scala are assumed.
  • Length: It runs two days—14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks.
  • Approach: Extensive hands-on coding—students develop a workshop case study and produce a fully functional application that is event-driven and resilient.
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 6 or higher installed.

Related Trainings

If you have already taken this course or are curious about learning other programming skills with YoppWorks, we also offer a number of other great online courses for any level of Scala developer. The following are just a few of the related training courses that you might want to take after you complete Akka for Scala – Professional:

Our experienced, knowledgeable “YopProfessors” are passionate about helping developers around the globe learn more about the Scala language and how it can be used with other open-source tools for incredible results. With convenient online Scala course offerings, live instructors, and responsive customer service, you’ll be able to ask questions, practice programming, and improve your skills dramatically in just a couple of days.

To learn more about our course offerings or enroll in the Akka for Scala professional course, contact us today at (888) 322-6002 (or book your course online).

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