Yoppworks - We provide consulting to deliver innovative solutions based on expertise in Functional Programming using Scala, Akka, Play & Apache Spark Frameworks!

YoppWorks is a team of elite technical evangelists who are passionate and dedicated to deliver Responsive, Resilient and Message Driven Applications. We deliver innovative solutions that meet the specific goals of each customer based on our combination of extensive expertise in Functional Programming and our ability to stay on top of the latest leading-edge open source technologies. Our professional services help our customers to transform, achieve and exceed their business objectives.

YoppWorks Programming Consulting
YoppWorks Programming Training
YoppWorks Programming Solutions

YoppWorks Provides Consulting, Scala Training Courses, Apache Spark Training, and More

At YoppWorks, we believe that moving industries toward open source software will allow for every voice to be heard. Through our professional training in open source programming tools, you can expand your knowledge base and help meet the growing demands of your business. Plus, our online training platform is available anywhere around the world via live online training with flexible delivery options. No matter where you are or what your company does, YoppWorks programming training, consulting services, and software solutions can help you function more efficiently than ever before. To learn scala online & learn more about how we can help you grow, contact us today at


Jack Gulas

Jack Gulas


YoppWorks Mike Foxall

Mike Foxall

VP of Finance

YoppWorks Adam Peck

Adam Peck

Leader of Customer Relationships

YoppWorks Tiffani Westerman

Tiffani Westerman

Leader of Product Development

YoppWorks Developer | Jonny Catlett

Jesse Webb

Software Developer

YoppWorks Developer

Jonny Catlett

Software Developer

YoppWorks Developer

Yoonsoon Jahng

Big Data Architect

YoppWorks Developer

Travis Calder

Senior Software Developer


Bryan Penner

Senior Account Executive

YoppWorks Developer

Francis Toth

Senior Software Developer


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Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Alex Weinstein

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Tech Team Tuesday: Meet Andres Blanco

Andres started his career as a “.net developer”, I’m now he's a “software engineer” that uses whatever tool that works...
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