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This step-by-step guide will walk you through learning Scala from scratch on your own. We’ve pulled together the best, most trusted resources from industry experts on each topic to make sure that you’re spending your time efficiently and learning Scala the right way.

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How To Use This Guide

This guide will help you learn Scala at your own pace. Here are some quick tips for using this guide:

  • Track your progress by checking off the topics as you go.
  • Mark topics for later by favouriting them using the star icon.
  • Take advantage of the My Notes section to leave yourself tips or thoughts for later.
  • Join in the Public Discussion to ask questions, leave feedback or provide tips to others who are trying to learn Scala.

Why Scala?


If you’re here, you’re probably convinced you want to try your hands at Scala.
But it doesn’t hurt to summarize the main reasons Scala can be a good fit for a number of applications:


  • Maintainability: Scala allows developers to express a lot with little code. This power, when used wisely,results in code that is faster to comprehend and easier to maintain (since there is less reading and visualparsing to do).
  • Scala speaks JVM: There is a huge amount of good libraries written in Java, which you can use from your Scala code seamlessly. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to.
  • Object Oriented AND Functional: Both paradigms have strengths, and you’re free to combine them with Scala. Create classes, objects, higher order functions, and powerful type hierarchies – there’s plenty of power in the language.
  • Strong ecosystem: The frameworks, tools and libraries around Scala are growing stronger by the minute. Play, Akka, Spray, and many others are already being used in very large systems, and adoption continues to accelerate.

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