YoppWorks Reactive ATI consists of 3 steps: Assessment, Training, and Implementation. Each of these essential steps provides the foundation to successfully transition any enterprise into an efficient Reactive environment 


Where do you stack?

Introducing the YoppWorks Reactive Assessment Scorecard. Our experts will dive head first into your business environment and determine where you stack. From there, we will tell you what you’re doing well, how you can improve and how we can get you to where you want to be.   It’s our job to help you break down your Monolith into Microservices. Let us give you the tools you need to succeed. 



YoppWorks offers the only Platinum Training Platinum training platform in North America. We are experts in open source software and help enterprises improve their reactive skill sets within the flourishing Reactive Ecosystem.  

With YoppWorks RTI, we will provide our key training courses for your business. Starting with our Reactive Architecture course, we will teach you the step by step skill sets and fundamentals you need for your own environment. We will walk you through change management methodologies to make your experience easy and efficient. 




During implementation, we will have one of our technical architects work closely with your team to ensure that your data becomes agile, effective and resilient. We will give you the training wheels that your enterprise needs in order to thrive on your own. With YoppWorks Reactive ATI, we put the react in reactive

Have any questions? Contact us at info@yoppworks.com

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