The Keys to Success in Open Source Software Development

In today’s economy, business needs are constantly evolving, and technology must keep up with them. Unfortunately, proprietary software holds many organizations back, denying them the flexibility and adaptability needed to cope with changing priorities and needs. Open...

Francis Toth Presents: Functional Programming

In this presentation, you will learn the fundamental principles of Functional Programming. We will tackle this paradigm in a very practical way and avoid going into obscure Mathematical theory.

What Is Functional Programming?

The modern programmer needs to be versatile. It’s crucial to be able to adapt your programming style on the fly and be familiar with a broad range of programming applications and concepts if you want to work in the high-demand field of computer programming.

Getting Started with the Akka Framework

Akka is framework for writing highly concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. Though written in Scala, it’s usable in Java as well.

Kafka to the Maxka Performance Tuning

This session is a (Intermediate) talk in our Cloud and Operations track. It focuses on Apache Kafka, Apache Zeppelin, Apache ZooKeeper and is geared towards Developer / Engineer, Operations / IT audiences.

YoppWorks and Hortonworks Pair Up at GTEC 2016

Hortonworks Canada President and Jack Gulas present to the Canadian Government how Open Source is the Engine of Innovation The NEW digital enterprise faces the challenges of data doubling every two years and the need for continuous innovation. Many enterprises are...

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